Our Story

A little bit about us…

Being the parent of a child on the Autism spectrum is not easy.  If you have a child or loved one on the spectrum…then you already know where I’m coming from.

Finding the balance between “normalcy” and “acceptance” is a daily task for all of us.  I’ve raised my son Amir as “normal” as I possible could.  I’ve always tried to make any challenges or disabilities secondary to him living a well balanced life.  I refuse to let anything or anyone dictate who he will be and how he will live his life.  Amir follows the same school of thought and that’s how Urban Amir was born.  Amir has a sense of style that I wanted to share by creating T-shirts and accessories that reflect our thoughts and hopes for those on the Autism spectrum and also those affected by other disabilities and disorders.

We hope you’ll find our styles not only fashionable, but also help display to the world that you are not a disability or a stereotype.  You are a person and a unique one at that!

Stop by and visit our shop located at www.urbanautismshirts.com